Investor and Buyer Representation


Our acquisition team begins with a thorough understanding of our client’s needs. From defining current usable square footage requirements, think long term as to how you can maximize future growth and make decisions in anticipation of that event. As an Owner-User or Investor, locating assets that align with your acquisition strategy, goals, and budget starts with understanding the realistic expectation and goals you may have for your investment requirements and future growth opportunities.

Would you go to court without a lawyer? Read an x-ray and prescribe a health care regime? Learn to fly a plane without a qualified instructor in the cockpit? Of course not! You would hire a trained, experienced professional to help you every step of the way. The same holds for having a commercial real estate expert representing your interests during a real estate negotiation.

JACOG Advisors have extensive experience representing buyers and tenants. Combined with a knowledgeable commercial mortgage advisory team, we can map a defined, realistic strategy that will align your choice of commercial property with your best interest in mind in or to get the best suitable acquisition.

Buyer/Tenant Representation services include:

  • Needs analysis (move-in date, square footage requirements, budget, special needs)
  • Defining mortgage opportunities for your acquisition
  • Cash Flow Analysis
    Owner User or Investment Property
  • Logistics
  • Identification, selection, and tour of sites
  • Site Analysis*
  • Negotiation of lease or purchase offer, confer with legal counsel if necessary
  • Closing or lease execution

site analysis will cover

Multiple Site Options

Detailed Demographics

Growth Analysis

Cost for Site

Analysis for Zoning,
Insurance, Traffic Issues

Financing Options
Identifying the Buyers

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