Seller and landlord representation


JACOG Advisors’ culture of networking, outside the box critical thinking, financial analysis, debt underwriting, and welcoming mindset, you will benefit from a targeted sales approach and an unparalleled level of service. With an extensive network of commercial real estate professionals, financial institutions, residential real estate professionals, trade associations, and robust client database, we help you maximize exposure opportunities when listing your property either for sale or for lease with us.

We offer the most proactive direct marketing, advertising, social media, and Internet-Based Marketing approaches than many of our competitors. We have proudly been a pioneer in social media marketing. Our modern and innovative approach to commercial real estate brokerage has quickly set the ground for other competitors to pick up where we started four years ago.

We understand the importance of choosing the right commercial real estate brokerage team to sell or lease your building. Having the right brokerage team will help you produce the superior results you expect. That is why our services are not just about listing your property. Still, more than that, our service is focused on helping you illustrate to potential buyers and tenants the value of choosing your property as it relates to their bottom line.

Once we have established a commitment,

Our Sales and Marketing Team will execute the following:

  • Property Valuation and Underwriting
  • Identify Prime Prospects
  • Prepare Marketing Packages
  • Market Your Property to Existing and Potential Buyers or Tenants
  • Present Your Building to Qualified Buyers or Tenants
  • Prepare and Execute a Strategic Internet Marketing Campaign
  • Prepare and Execute a Strategic Social Media Campaign
  • Prepare and Execute a Strategic International Marketing Campaign
  • Negotiate Deal Terms and Determine Financing Options

Three Reasons Why Working with Us Will Payoff:

Commitment to Excellence

Always Answer or Phone

Team Mindset

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