Tenant Representation


Securing a location that best fits the operational, logistical, financial, and client base demands of your business is part of achieving the success of your operation. JACOG Advisors has the expertise, search tools, and experience working with business owners like you.

Your location decision cannot be influence by real estate market factors only, but most importantly, by business drivers such as:

  • Client Objectives
  • Industry
  • Brand
  • Logistics
  • Goals
  • Employees
  • Market Segment
  • Square Footage
  • Budget
  • Supply Chain
  • Brand
  • Growth Strategy

Our Tenant Advisors, take a key role in providing options that help you meet the demands of your business, while at the same time maximize your available budget. This is achieved by conducting a personalized site analysis to secure the optimal location for your operation. Our property search tools, expertise, and research capabilities empower us to ensure that we help you make a rational decision and negotiate the best terms.

Our expertise includes:

  • Financial and Operational Analysis
  • Cost Reduction Analysis
  • Market Segment
  • Market Recommendations
  • Opportunities

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