JACOG Advisors’ commercial real estate underwriting services provide owner users and investors with preliminary and active underwriting services for either income-producing properties or owner user transactions. This service is intended to help you prepare in advance to an acquisition process with the strategic objective of helping you experience a much smoother overall process, mortgage options, cash flow, and qualify your investment for negotiation opportunities and whole qualification.

Whether this is the first time you are taking the step of engaging the process of acquiring a commercial property, or you are an experienced investor, it is crucial to prepare ahead. The ability to work with a team that can provide preliminary underwriting services allows you to make, understand, negotiate, and engage in much more confident acquisitions.

As a seller, you must recognize that experienced investors will most likely always consider leveraging debt to maximize their cash on cash return, higher-quality assets, more units, and more substantial upside potential. For these reasons, having an underwritten asset in combination with all the underwriting documentation that will be a requirement by the buyer’s lender will help you improve the turnaround time in reaching a closing. Do

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